what is this fanlisting about?

This website is the only fanlisting listed at TheFanlistings.org for the gorgeous wind instrument, the harmonica, and aims to create the biggest listing of all fans across the world of this musical instrument. In June 2008, a fellow fanlisting owner and a friend Deborah, handed this fanlisting over to my ownership, for which I am very grateful!

my love for harmonicas

I built this fanlisting for harmonicas because for me, they have a unique power in expressing rhythm - be it dynamic and natural rhythm, when eloquently expressing the strains of the human soul and voice, or be it more synthetic rhythm, such as imitating a chugging steam train sailing in the moonlight. Harmonicas are also incredible at complementing melodies in music, particularly with the guitar and/or a solo vocal. I also feel that the harmonica has the ability to extract a pervasive human power in every performance: wrapped in a musician's rugged hands and blown with tired and worn lips, every rhythm and melody the harmonica conjoins with seems to be a product of human energy and exhaustive emotional expression - trains, tears, toils and troubles. For these reasons, the mood the harmonica can produce is a unique, jumping balance between profoundly spiritual and provoking, and recklessly light-hearted.

All my favourite musicians focus on the harmonica at some point in their musical history, including Bob Dylan, Neil Young, and Bruce Springsteen. The harmonica (and incidentally the guitar) have accompanied them on so many introspective musical and emotional journeys, including American folk and blues expression and rock and roll. You could find a harmonica wailing in a soft folksong about the ghost of Tom Joad and his humane sacrifices, then cracking open a pounding rock song about surreal road trips and drug abuse. Many of my favourite folk and blues musicians use the harmonica as a stronghold in their emotional expression, including Woody Guthrie, Sonny Terry, Son House, John Lee Hooker, Howlin' Wolf... the list is constantly developing. These musicians' use of the harmonica (often coinciding with the guitar or piano) has inspired me on a huge variety of levels.

So, that's my story! If you also adore harmonicas and want to represent your love for them alongside other fans, then do join this fanlisting and express yourself! :)